Ohio Invasive Plants Council

Regional Invasive Plant Resources

Maryland Invasive Plants Prevention and Control (Maryland Department of Agriculture)

Midwest Invasive Plant Network (MIPN) - Watch Video : Cultivating Awareness: Ornamental Plants Invading Natural Areas

Great Lakes Early Detection Network
(GLEDN) Free App for Smart Phone

Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative (Great Lakes Basin Collaboration Web site)

Alternative Plants for Landscape Applications (Invasive Plants of East Central Illinois)

Landscape Alternatives of the Midwest (Midwest Invasive Plant Network )

Landscape Alternatives of the Midwest App (MIPN using BugwoodApps)

Best Management Practices - for Controlling the Spread of Invasive Plant Species for Forestry, Recreational Forest Users, Urban Forestry, and Transportation and Utility Rights-of-Way (Wisconsin Council on Forestry)

Exotic Plant Information Center
(Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission)

Exotic Species Gallery (Illinois DNR )

Michigan Invasive Plants Council

Invasive Species (Minnesota DNR)

Invasive Plants in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources)

Invasive Species (Wisconsin DNR)

Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin

Northeastern Weed Science Society

Invasive Plants (Illinois Native Plant Society)

Native Gardening & Invasive Plants Guide (e-nature - National Wildlife Federation)